New Jersey Splitters

New Jersey Splitters

Reinforced concrete products with symmetrical and asymmetrical geometry, used as roadway separators, safety guards, New Jersey type. They present in their extremities projections and recesses for assembly with male-female fittings. The base has openings for the passage of surface water. Its placement as a lane limiter allows it to absorb, with total efficiency, the impact energies in case of road accidents.

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  • High quality concrete;
  • Smooth final finish;
  • Connection between them by male/female type fitting;
  • Easy and fast individual handling;
  • Ease of replacement and reuse;
  • Greater durability and lower costs;
  • Possibility of slots in the base for water drainage;
  • Possibility of other negatives for other situations.


We present a list of works in which this product has been applied.

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